I began to discover my interest in art firstly with my grandfather, who had been a painter. After that, I fell in love with movies and the worlds created by it. 

I'd graduated in animation and then I 've worked as 3D artist and 3d supervisor for over 10 years.

I've experience working with big and great companies such as Vetor Zero,Young, Tribbo, Upper First and so on. 
I had articles published in the British magazine 3d creative magazine.

Today I am a Director and Partner at Techno Image


Besides animation,  my education background is diverse, having studied Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Cinematography, screenwriting in Brazil and filmmaking at New York Film Academy as well attended a lot of workshops with great directors and cinematographers as Shane Hurlbut, Vincent Laforet, Alziro Barbosa etc.

Since 2014 I am focusing in writing and directing and using all my art background to bring strong narratives with top quality images.

My goal is to seek growth in all areas of my life, and bring films that people can relate to.